Rules For The No Judgement Zone

Have you ever been smitten by someone's outer beauty? By the clothes they wear? By the designer shoes or handbags? Or their smile? Have you ever judged someone by what you see and not who they are?

Have you ever been mean to someone because they look messy or dirty? Have you passed them by? Did you refuse to speak to them or acknowledge them because of how looked?

I think we're all guilty of this. It's easy to think someone is a certain kind of way just because they look good. Or someone is certain kind of way because they look bad. Remember that looks can be deceiving. What you see on the outside is not what you always get in the inside?

The visual of a person's outer beauty can be alluring but the persona of the of their inner beauty could be awful. Or, the style of their outer beauty can be in a disarray but their disposition could be charming.

Never judge a book by its cover because the story may captivate your heart and your mind. Be nice to everyone regardless of what you see because they may be a diamond in the rough that needs a little polish.

Here are 4 tips to prevent judging someone by what you see.

  1. Smile and say hello

  2. Start a small conversation

  3. Offer to help someone regardless of looks

  4. Find a way to give them a compliment

Have a wonderful week! MUAH

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