Is Your Bank Account On E?

Beauty is making daily deposits of positive affirmations & words filled with wisdom + love to feed your soul & fuel your mind!

Is your self-love account full or is it empty and in need of replenishment?

Self-love is like a bank account; daily deposits need to be made to avoid a negative balance. A negative balance does not serve you well. And if you can't serve yourself, how can you serve others?

If your balance is full, that's great! Please go and spread some love to those in need. Encourage them, give them hope and spread some cheer. Don't be selfish. Make some deposits into someone else, so deposits can come back to you.

If your balance is empty, stop doing what you're doing now and repeat after me: I love myself! I am loved! I am amazing! I am flawed! I am not perfect and that's okay! I am beautiful! I am strong! I am worthy! And I am going to make "ish" happen today!

When you make daily deposits of self-love your belief and confidence in self-worth will increase. Take time out daily to make self-love deposits; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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