A Beautiful Experience

Beauty is what people experience; not what they see!

When you meet someone for the very first time, what experience or thoughts do you want to leave behind?

Your beauty should be an experience filled with confidence and the boldness of who you are. People should see your confidence when you enter the room and experience your boldness of your beauty when you leave.

Don't be shy, afraid or timid. Stand up and stand out, but not in a cocky way. Allow people to feel your beauty to see who you really are and what you stand for. They'll appreciate and embrace you because you're true to you.

If they judge you or don't accept you, it's okay. It's not you; it's them. They are uncomfortable with who they are or what they see and that's not your fault. Keep being you, keep loving you and keep sharing your beauty! Remember... you are the judge and the jury of your beauty!

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