Live Your Life

Beauty is living your life according to your rules, dreams & passions!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always lived my life according to my rules, dreams and passions. I was either a leader or I stood alone. I was never one to follow the crowd; it never made sense to me.

I've always thought that if I followed the crowd, it could get me in trouble. And I wasn't going to get in trouble for something I didn't decide to do or some stupid decision someone else made. If and when I got in trouble it was because of my own mistakes.

Never allow anyone to rule over your decisions. Never allow anyone to dictate your dreams. And never allow anyone to steal your passion.

If you do, you lose control and let go of your power. When you let go of your power, you let go of you. And when you let go of you, you're no longer living for you.

Be strong! Be bold! Be unique! Be you!

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