The Path to Happiness

Beauty is your happiness! Bring your inner child to life by taking time to laugh, play & be happy!

Sometimes as adults we forget about our happiness. We don't take time to enjoy the little things in life like laughing, playing and enjoying the things that make us happy.

When you take life too seriously, you lose the fun inside of you. You become boring, uptight or just blah. Believe me when I tell you because this used to be me!

Once upon time I lost my zest for life. I was so busy "adulting" that I forgot about me. I forgot to enjoy life, laugh, play and do the things that made me happy.

I was a planner. Everything had to be a certain way at a certain time in life. I didn't really know how to be spontaneous. I didn't like doing things out of the blue. I wasn't about that life!

One day I realized everyone around me was having fun and enjoying life except me. That's when I took a chance and did something that was not planned. I let go of the reigns and I had fun; I embraced my inner child and I haven't looked back since.

This was not an easy task for me to continue. But I realized there was more to life than just "adulting". Since then, I've challenged myself to enjoy life more.

I know that sounds a little crazy, but it worked! Here are a few things I did to bring out my inner child.

1. Talk to Yourself! Yep, that's right, I talked to myself. I had to ask myself; when was I the happiest in life and what was I doing at the time? This forced me to recreate some fun moments in life and make new memories.

2. Stop Planning! You don' have to plan every day and every moment doesn't need to be planned. I stopped planning my personal life, I let go and had fun. My professional life is a little different too. Instead of making hard core plans, set smart goals.

3. Embrace Spontaneity! Do something you want to do and just do it. Don't make plans for it. Just do it!

4. Live Now! Take time to enjoy the beauty in life that surrounds you everyday. No one is promised tomorrow. Do something fun every day, even if it's something small.

5. Power Down! Take a break and live without your gadgets for the day or several hours. Stop being so attached to your phones, computers and techie stuff. Have real conversations on the phone or face to face. Enjoy each other's company and unattach yourself from the world of social media. Old school communication can still be fun!

Life was not created to just live. It was created to be happy, laugh and have fun! Let go and enjoy what matters the! Embrace your inner child, live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of happiness!

Remember: "All work and no play made Jack a dull boy!" Don't be Jack. Go out, be happy and bring your inner child to life!

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