The Fear of Failure or The Spirit of Success

Beauty is releasing the fear of failure & embracing the spirit of success!

What are you afraid of; why are you scared? I used to be scared to fail. I didn't want family, friends or followers see my mistakes. Although I know that perfection doesn't exist; in my eyes and heart it did.

Everything had to be in order; everything had to appear perfect. One day I realized I was doing too much and it added unnecessary stress. I also realized that I could learn from my mistakes and grow from them.

After I let go of "the art of perfecting" I learned that it's okay to fail as long as you pick yourself up and try again. So for all of you who are afraid to fail, my advice to you is just do it! You have nothing to lose because you didn't have it to begin with. And you have everything to gain because you've either accomplished it or gained insight on how to do it better the next time.

So go ahead and fail; it's okay. Just do it fearlessly with dignity and grace!

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#ImBeautyInspired #SpeakBeautiful #fear #success #happiness #failure

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