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Beauty is feeding the soul to experience the bliss in life! Are you feeding your soul? What do you do to make sure it's filled to live a blissful and joyful life? Life is not meant to be so serious all the time. Every now and then you have to let your hair down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine to experience bliss. 1. Smile and smile often! Even if you can't think of a reason; find a reason. There's always something you can smile about. 

2. Meditate! Relax, relate, release then breathe in and breathe out! Take a moment to enjoy your day. 

3. Don't worry be happy! Worrying never solved anything or changed the situation. Accept it for what it is or change the situation.

4. Laugh! Learn to laugh at yourself. It will take the pressure off and help you find calmness. 

5. Communicate! Don't hold it in; talk about it. Engage in conversation with someone you trust or better yet, talk to God! He has all the answers if you listen, have faith and believe. 

6. Be a little selfish! Take time for you. Do something you've been wanting to do and enjoy yourself. 

7. Rest! Get some sleep so you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated for your next day of bliss. 

Bliss is not hard to experience; you just have to do it. Don't put it off for later; start today. Get your life and find your bliss. #ImBeautyInspired to #SpeakBeautiful #TransitionIntoGreatness  

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