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I published my book, "#ImBeautyInspired A Keepsake Journal Of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations!" on December 18, 2014. And on August 27, 2015 the iconic leader of feminism Gloria Steinem endorsed my book via twitter! On October 15, 2015 I designed and added #ImBeautyInspired Empowerment Tees.

#ImBeautyInpsired is more than a book and t-shirts. It's a movement to inspire young women (all women) to embrace their inner beauty and apply more self-love!

I am blessed and I am thankful for the gifts that God has given me to share with you. I am thankful for your continued support as this movement continues to grow. I'm passionate about this movement because so many women (young and old) struggle with loving who they are and accepting their flaws. And I know because I used to be her. I speak from experience and write from the heart.

I’m asking you to help increase awareness of the #ImBeautyInspired movement. Buy a book or an empowerment tee to spread the word. Share this message or tell someone. Together we can make a difference in helping a woman feel better about herself and feel stronger about who she is. Go to scarletbeautymedia.com and click on the Online Store to purchase your #ImBeautyInspired Book and/or your Empowerment Tee! #ImBeautyInspired to #SpeakBeautiful about #SelfLove and #RealBeauty to help women #TransitionIntoGreatness

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