Be Present in the Present & Enjoy Life!

Beauty is enjoying your life by living, laughing, loving & learning with a positive attitude! Do you see the glass half full, half empty or do you refill it? Are you being present in the present and living your life? Or are you consumed by what's going on with other people, places and things that you can't focus? Are you learning something new every day to excel further in life? Or are you comfortable with what you know? Do you laugh at yourself and shake it off when you make a mistake or someone upsets you? Or do you take everything personal, hold it in and miss out on the moment because you can't let go? Do you smile and compliment yourself when you look in the mirror? Or do you look in disgust and criticize what and who you see? Life is worth enjoying! Take time to live, laugh, love and learn daily with a positive attitude. Time is something you can never ever get back so respect it and make the most of yours! #ImBeautyInspired to #SpeakBeautiful #TransitionIntoGreatness  

#ImBeautyInspired #SpeakBeautiful #beauty #life #love #respect #reclaimingmytime #happiness

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