Beauty is living your life on your terms! Set the tone and make the terms that benefit you the most. It's your life and you have a choice on how you live it. You can live it according to society's standards. You can live it according to your parent's expectations. You can even listen to your significant other, family members or friends and play by their rules. Or you take a stand, make a choice and live life on your terms! When you live life on your terms, you live free. Freedom is a beautiful thing and an amazing choice. It takes away the fear of being judged, being told what to do and when or how to do it. Freedom is powerful; it evokes happiness, self-determination boldness and independence. Be free and choose freedom. Take a stance; live your life on your terms, in your time and according to your rules. Empower your freedom; embrace your independence and live YOUR BEST life! #ImBeautyInspired to #SpeakBeautiful #TransitionIntoGreatness  

#ImBeautyInspired #SpeakBeautiful #empowerment #freedom #selflove #happiness #beauty #choices #life #bebold

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