Beauty is being unafraid & embracing the unknown! It’s easy to be afraid of the unknown, but the beauty in life is that you can let go and not allow those things to hold you back. You can live a carefree life but you have to be open and unafraid to try new things. Being unafraid means to believe in the unknown and have faith that things will happen in due time. There’s no playbook for life, you write the rules as you go. Most people have a fear of the unknown because they want to plan every single detail or they seek perfection. There is no such thing as perfection, you have to embrace the unknown and accept the choices you make in life. My motto is to learn, live, love and laugh daily; don’t worry about what may happen because tomorrow may never come. Learn something new every day! Live in the present! Love yourself a little more! And laugh as often as you can! Today, I will not be afraid and embrace the unknown. I will accept my choices in life, learn from my mistakes and learn how to be perfectly imperfect! I will trust my instincts and try new things. I will not let the past hold me back and I will look forward to a brighter future. I will have faith as well as trust and believe in the beauty of the unknown. I will live a carefree life! I will be open to trying new things and not be afraid of the unknown. What about you? How will you embrace the beauty of the unknown and not be afraid? #ImBeautyInspired to #SpeakBeautiful about #SelfLove #TransitionIntoGreatness 

#ImBeautyInspired #SpeakBeautiful #Selflove #TransitionIntoGreatness #faith #hope #love #life #lifestyle

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