Beauty Is Forgiveness

One of the hardest things in life is to forgive someone who has wronged you. An even bigger issue is forgiving yourself of past mistakes. 
 A lot of people hold grudges or have a hard time releasing guilt. Sometimes it's hard to move on when you're mad. I get it. I've been there and I've done that. But, I'm here to tell you that grudges and guilt kept me stagnate. I was held captive in my own emotions.
Releasing the pain was not easy. I had to accept an apology from someone who hurt me. I also had to realize the more I held on to my guilt for hurting someone or myself did me more harm than good.
 How did I forgive? How did I move on? Here are a few steps I took to forgive.
 1. Don't Take It Personal: When someone hurts you, it's not always his or her intent to do so. A lot of times it's not about you. It's about their issues, situations or circumstances.
 2. Communicate: A lot of problems in the world would be solved if we were just honest and talked them through.
Sometimes people don't know they hurt you because that was not their intent. So if your feelings are hurt, say so.
 3. Be Honest: Be truthful with yourself, with the guilt you are feeling and let it go. Be truthful with others and communicate how you feel.
 4. Forgive: Don't just say I forgive you and hold a grudge. Forgive and move on. What good does it serve you to be upset? It doesn't; it just ruins your mood when you stay mad at someone. Let it go!
 5. Forget: This is the hardest, but if you can't forget, you can't properly forgive. You'll always be stuck in that memory and that moment until you actually move on. 
I get it! Forgiveness is not easy. But, when you forgive, you set yourself free. You're free from the anger, guilt, sadness, pain and hurt. Beauty is forgiveness; let go and be free!
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